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DroneOps Ltd offers Research & Development of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) and robotic technologies through innovation and system integration together with construction of the drones, training for their use and ongoing technical support.

DroneOps Ltd participated in the Army Warfighting Experiment 2018 (AWE2018) to research and develop a prototype UAV to carry out a number of tasks required by the MoD in relation to identifying anomalies under the ground with some specific military parameters. It is the intention of DroneOps Ltd to continue the research using grants won from opportunities such as the GX Project (see next item) and other ongoing Government initiatives that DroneOps Ltd is expediting.

DroneOps Ltd has won, through the Great Exhibition of the North “GX Project”, the opportunity to commission Northumbria University to develop simulations of DOL’s proposed GPR antenna that will be integrated onto its UAV platform. Simulations of the GPR antenna are a critical initial step in being able to train an AI and machine learning system to interpret data acquired from the real GPR system. This work is linked to the research carried out as part of AWE18. DroneOps Ltd intends to complete the project in preparation for participation in AWE20.

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