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We are drone experts

We research & develop new capabilities for drones to work in the commercial, security and defence arenas.

We will integrate sensors and other tools to expand their uses within these sectors

Drone ops is a SUAS innovator to partner with

DroneOps Our Vision

Our Vision

DroneOps Ltd is a disruptive innovation business specialising in the commercial application of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) and robotics.

DroneOps Ltd is a business offering state-of-the-art SUAS integrated applications working with clients to successfully add capabilities to achieve their ambitions.

Our team can manage your project, controlling product, quality, risks and deal with scalable implementation. Whether this be the basic scoping of an idea, proof of concept, design and development of platforms, selecting appropriate sensors, integrating with your existing technologies, or training staff to become competent and safe pilots

Meet the team

Dominic Kelly
Nicola Ash

Dominic Kelly

Dominic is a founding member and Director of DroneOps. His role is to support the executive team through business development. DroneOps Ltd has its origins in its sister company CBRNE Ltd where it was realised small unmanned aviation systems could integrate chemical and radiological sensors. This concept is being validated through European Union funded Framework Programme 7 research projects and proposed Horizon 2020 projects in which Dominic Kelly has many years’ experience. DroneOps Ltd has expanded the original concept to include operations across military, security, emergency, industrial and civilian activities where the company is active in providing assistance.

Nicola Ash

Nicola is part of the executive team responsible for running the financial accounts and providing business development support which is underpinned by time served with blue chip companies. Nicola brings a wealth of business experience combined with sound commercial awareness and offers a straightforward approach to problem solving. Nicola has been part of the DroneOps executive team since its inception.
Stefan Mirfin
Steve Swain
Nigel Hale

Stefan Mirfin

Senior Drone Engineer, Stefan is a lifelong radio control modeller with a drone engineering background spanning the last 8 years. Stefan designs, machines and manufactures flying platforms using his own range of FPV (First person view) quadcopter frames which are used the world over. Many of his designs have gone on to be "industry standard" thereby setting the precedent for others to follow. He is a qualified Electrical Engineer with a knowledge of laminates and 3D printing and all things drone related. He has extensive experience building large multi-rotors for cameramen and film companies and with the first mini and then micro copters, Stefan was responsible for bringing innovation and many new developments to the Mini-Quad racing scene in the UK. With appearances on Channel 5's "The Gadget Show" and numerous BBC shows and piloting for drone based programs Stefan continues to make his mark on this growing part of the industry now with special emphasis on integrating Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) with commercial applications including chemical and radiological sensors.

Steve Swain

During my 30 years of service with the police, I have witnessed on countless occasions the benefits of aerial surveillance when managing incidents. The forthcoming significant reductions in police budgets will severely curtail the use of helicopters to provide this aerial support. The capabilities offered by small unmanned aviation systems (SUAS) clearly demonstrate their use as a more cost effective tool for the emergency services and, with my specialist knowledge and network, I am able to identify applications for these exciting new tools in the security and law enforcement sectors.

Nigel Hale

Successful SUAS operation requires planning and the assessment of events that can challenge mission objectives. Nigel’s expertise, developed across a broad range of industries, allows operators to avoid or mitigate such challenges and to provide assessments suitable for formal approval by clients and stakeholders. Nigel’s assessments always place safety first but also ensure that we reliably deliver our Client’s needs.
Irina Stănciugelu - droneops
Dave Usher - droneops
Mark Landale

Dr Irina Stănciugelu

As UAV development advances ethical issues relating to public safety, privacy and data protection has the potential for compromising commercial and operational success through public dissatisfaction. Irina Stănciugelu of DroneOps Ltd is alert to these issues and addresses them both in a generic format as well as for customer specific projects. In conjunction with a risk management approach DroneOps Ltd provides operators with the modus operandi to mitigate the ethical risks for any scenario including surveillance of people, emergency and disaster monitoring and protection of critical infrastructure inspection, mapping and earth observation, precision agriculture and other visual services as well as advice for journalists, private individuals and film-makers.

Dave Usher

Dave's experience in Human Factors (HF) is valuable during the development of any new SUAS in ensuring the operability of the delivered systems. A high level of operability means that the aircraft can be controlled more easily and reliably in difficult conditions. This should reduce the amount of damage that occurs during operations. HF principles can also improve the design of maintenance and training manuals. The overall result of including HF in the development cycle is to reduce SUAS operating costs and increase safety.

Mark Landale

Mark is a commercial lawyer with over 30 years’ experience involving a wide range of transactions. He brings the benefit of that experience to DroneOps Ltd both in terms of the expertise required to negotiate and finalise contracts with commercial counterparts but also in ensuring that the company is compliant with all relevant regulations for the operation of its business.

Associated Pilots

If you are looking to add Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) capabilities to your organisation we can commission pilots in support of your activities. Being deployed on a regular basis, our pilots maintain high levels of flying competency and meet a stringent operational capability. This can lessen the chance of failure associated with using in-house less practiced operators. Subcontracting a pilot can be a cost effective short term solution, rather than re-allocating your skilled internal resources. Our pilots can provide real time aerial images, surveys and reconnaissance services utilising sub 20kg SUAS. Our service is provided through our UK network of CAA qualified and fully insured professionally equipped operators.
DroneOps drone
Drone Ops Our Vision

Case Studies

  • A Drone for Emergency Services forum in association with Professor Atta Badii at Reading University with stakeholders from all emergency service platforms and UK Government agencies.
  • Invited to present the capabilities of drones to a diverse audience including the FBI, Met Police and Home Office, at the Forensic Event at the Royal Military Academy at Shrivenham in association with Cranfield University
  • Showcased and presented successful use of drones at the Emergency Services Show at Birmingham NEC
  • Attended the 2015 Emirates Security Conference (EMSEC) in Dubai to promote UK drone businesses and the emerging security and CBRNE surveillance markets. We returned in 2016 to undertake live demonstrations
  • Invited to present intelligence gathering and the possible threat of drones to a British Army audience of senior command and specialist forces
  • Attended the Commercial UAV Show at Excel in London to promote humanitarian projects with SUAS
  • Participation in Framework Programme 7 project EDEN (CBRNE – type in full) to provide sensor flight demonstrations in France in association with BAE, AIRBUS and other European stakeholders, 2015-2016
  • DroneOps Ltd launched its commercial website for the retailing of SUAS kit into the market place
  • Due to the sensitive nature of our R&D projects we cannot share our live work here. We welcome interaction with new businesses seeking to add drone platforms to their solutions
  • Participation in Framework Programme 7 Project D-BOX in 2016 (humanitarian demining) to identify anti-personnel and anti-tank mines below the ground
  • Participation in Army Warfighting Experiment 2018 (AWE2018)

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