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What SUAS should you select and how much will it cost to implement? DroneOps offer experienced SUAS technologists and an active approach to technical support.

DroneOps Multirotor


DroneOps Ltd operates quadcopters but it’s designers have preference for models that incorporate better levels of working redundancy which hexcopters and octocopters offer. We are experienced in the manufacture, design and maintenance of all vehicles.
  • Designed for close proximity use.
  • Quick deployment for critical live sensor feedback.
  • Ability to carry 5kg payload for 40mins.
  • Stationary and accurate positioning.
  • Stabilised sensors and payload.

Fixed Wing

Better suited SUAS for the professional survey and mapping of larger surveys in high detail. Capable of producing precise, survey grade 2D orthomosaic, 3D surface models and point clouds. We work with Quest UAV and we can work with variable payloads. Datahawk is a smaller SUAS designed for fast deployment and the Q200 is larger for more complex mission planning.
  • Can be airborne for over an hour.
  • Travel at 40km/h so can cover large areas.
  • Weather resistant opportunity.
DroneOps fixedwing
DroneOps Land rover

Land Based

DroneOps Ltd is involved in all forms of integrated robotics including Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV). We have developed Virtual Reality (VR) systems to allow for 360 degree search capability to be used within CBRNE environments.
  • No airborne risk of contamination (i.e for forensic work).
  • Ideal for persistent evolving sensor work requiring relocation.
  • A cheap, robust and highly disruptive use of RC technology.

Vehicle Testing

Our technical ability is broad based and allows us to work with your devices to “real world” test your systems and the abilities of your vehicle. We can maintain your vehicle and quality check prior to your initial flight. Getting it wrong at this point is very expensive. Let us work with you to maintain your airworthiness and give you the ability to fly correctly and safely.
  • Specific training to suit your SUAS utility.
  • Process modelling, project planning and due diligence.
  • CAA compliance and best practice.
  • Airworthiness testing and management.
DroneOps testing
DroneOps r&d


DroneOps can be commissioned to work with any SUAS opportunity. So far we have worked with chemical sensor manufacturers to get their devices to undertake live analysis, a structural surveyor to develop an SUAS for corrosion inspection, and a collision avoidance system for the use of small drones for a defence application. Every day we are offered a new opportunity and we have a varied portfolio of case studies. We also understand the brevity of controlled development and the commercial value this may have and we will offer or accept legal contracts to conform to your requirements.
  • R&D, proof of concept and manufacture.
  • Product design and rapid prototyping using our in house 3D printing facility.
  • Electronic, and control system design and integration.
  • Ability to complete tasks quickly
  • Licensing and patent management
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