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Your intelligence and data gathering can be enhanced with an aerial perspective. DroneOps can scope your requirements, cast an experienced eye and assist in maximising your capabilities and services using drones.

DroneOps Our Vision

Survey and Inspection

DroneOps Ltd offers many different SUAS solutions to allow you to gain relevant data to process whether this be a simple aerial photograph or complex layered 3D modelling. We can work with you to fully empower your business or undertake the work for you with our experienced pilots. Let us assist and work with you to scope your requirements, build devices and train your staff to add a SUAS capability.
DroneOps is a leader in the field of steel condition, corrosion and coatings inspections using SUAS and remote sensors. We develop role specific SUAS to autonomously collect critical data and remotely populate databases to eliminate human error.
  • Both large scale fixed wing or smaller multirotor.
  • Accurate and efficient data collection.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Safely and efficiently produce cost effective orthomosaics and 3d models on demand.
  • Layered assets, photogrammetry, infrared (IR), ground penetrating radar (GPR) and chemical sensor surveys.

Emergency Services

DroneOps Ltd is keen to assist in the complex process of managing risk at the scene of an incident, aid the planning phase with raw data collected and support the chain of evidence for forensic management . We are already manufacturing SUAS specifically to provide data for Police, Fire, Ambulance, HART, Defence and commercial emergency applications. The SUAS platform can be quickly acquired for a small investment to be deployed and operated in areas that are too dangerous for manned helicopters to approach.
  • Reduced front line human risk.
  • Can be quickly mobilised.
  • Photogrammetry, infrared (IR), ground penetrating radar (GPR) and chemical sensor surveys..
  • Can provide live HD imagery including infrared back to ground station.
  • Live chemical sensor readings.
  • Post incident data capture and management, persistent tethered systems can be used.
DroneOps drone
DroneOps Our Vision


DroneOps can work with you directly to scope your specific needs and train and deliver the best approach to using SUAS to solve your critical business challenges. Our partner, DroneLab, allows you to access from a browser your stored Digital Surface Modelling, 3D Models and 2D Orthomosaic data allowing secure distribution to your clients’ time effectively.
  • Distance manage your construction, security, energy losses, assets, and site safety
  • Minimum distraction to your site, easy planning and data capture for modelling.
  • Layered data modelling.
  • Accurate LIDAR and 3D models to allow for reverse CAD engineering.
  • Estimate costs and projects and monitor weekly/monthly construction progress.
  • Increased efficiency benefits your budgets and project management time.


Agricultural SUAS offer precision agriculture technology to improve your yields. Merging the real time data will improve your farming management and operations. Improving crop productivity by visualisation from the air is a cost effective addition to any farm no matter how large your operation is.
  • Measurable models can assist in accurate management of crops.
  • Generate layered field plans over your planting and growing season.
  • Repeat quick deployment flight plans and missions.
  • Efficient fertiliser and water management.
  • Create precision data for your contractors.
DroneOps drone
DroneOps Our Vision


All manner of security can be enhanced with the correct demployment of SUAS. Simple perimeter checks can be improved with the extended visualisation of aerial surveillance. Persistent SUAS audits of assets improves your site data security and logistics management.
  • SUAS offer covert security.
  • SUAS offer audible or visual security.
  • Reduce time for large routine area and perimeter checks.
  • Reduce the burden to what may seem ineffective perimeter patrols.
  • Manage security and increase response times.
  • Overt and covert employment capabilities.
  • Safer close proximity checks using accurate sensors, HD, IR, Thermal.
  • Reduced threats to your security by tracking the threat from the air.
  • Persistent use of mobile and fixed tethered drones can manage large areas.
  • Forensic data in case of prosecution


DroneOps are keen to educate the world of the opportunities SUAS have to offer. Safe and manageable SUAS solutions can remove human risk, allow for data collection, payload delivery and offer communications to remote areas cost effectively. DroneOps has developed a mine detection SUAS as part of a joint venture to assist with the positive detection of land mines.
  • Humanitarian demining.
  • Easier to allocate and deploy than existing manned systems.
  • Disaster management, search and emergency provision distributionli>
  • Quick mobilisation of small but valuable payloads to difficult to get to locations.
  • Efficient fertiliser and water management.
DroneOps drone
DroneOps Defence


DroneOps Ltd is collaborating with international defence partners in the field of CBRNE sensing capabilities. There is also a dual use opportunity for the military to utilise our GPR mine detection capability. SUAS can provide security and defence agencies with a cheap and efficient aerial intelligence quicker than high altitude drones. We have assistance from DroneOps Ltd’s sister business CBRNE Ltd supporting unorthodox applications for sensors to be used for Counter Terrorism, Chemical, Radiological and Explosive environments. We can design and build everything from a miniature SUAS for special operations to larger perimeter surveillance platforms capable of 10km+ perimeter flights.
  • Support to Information, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) tasks.
  • Cost effective encrypted live stream intelligence.
  • Counter terrorism surveillance.
  • Managed costs through disposable SUAS assets.
  • Variable payload and precision sensor capabilities.
  • Drone threat and counter strike uses.
  • SUAS intelligence layering and graphics.
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