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DroneOps has a realistic approach to the training of best practice. We undertake classroom delivery but much prefer to be out on site showing you how to plan and manage flight plans in a safe and proficient manner.

CAA Permission

In order to fly SUAS commercially you need to gain a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). A completed operations manual and evidence of pilot competency must be achieved by attending a course run by a National Qualified Entities (NQE). The flight test looks at your mission planning, preflight inspections, maintaining visual line of sight (VLOS), conduct a return to home shut down and log the flight. The NQE courses do not teach you how to fly and DroneOps can work with you and/or your team to learn best practice and get your skills up to a very good standard.
  • Spend time practicing and get organised.
  • Perfect your due diligence and pre-flight tests.
  • Operating in congested areas requires a greater safety case.
DroneOps caa training
DroneOps human factors

Human Factors

In our experience the human element causes more crashes than the mechanical element. Incorporating Human Factors and Human Behaviour analysis in the design process of SUAS reduces the likelihood of operator error or injury, and thereby increases overall productivity and safety. We can provide Human Factors consultancy and training for all levels of personnel within the organisation. Our experts are highly qualified in the field with a commitment to quality. They have a proven record of providing services to industrial sectors including defence, manufacturing, rail and the emergency services.
We offer the full range of Human Factors services, including:
  • Task / Needs Analysis.
  • Human Error analysis and mitigation.
  • Ergonomic and process design.
  • Climate, physical and mental workload.
  • Expert witness services to personal injury cases.

Flight School

DroneOps Ltd can deliver the highest level of SUAS training. Experienced SUAS pilots make good trainers, and that’s exactly who will be there to teach you. Whether to teach you basic skills in the classroom or complex missions out in the field their role is to pass on their experiences, confidence and ability. SUAS are a cost effective solution to commercial enterprises and like any new technology in demand a potential “skillsgap” and expense will often occur. DroneOps Ltd can offer international delivery of the highest level SUAS training.
  • Vocational, ground school, hands on flying and PfCO.
  • Quality classrooms using experienced SUAS practitioners and trainers.
  • Specific courses for petrochemical, emergency, inspection, surveying.
  • Customised to suit your specific business utility.
  • MOD resettlement and ELC courses available.
DroneOps flight school
DroneOps training


DroneOps Ltd have a realistic approach to flying SUAS; we look at the mission, appropriate choice of vehicle, your ability to operate the SUAS and how to best manage your environment professionally and safely. Our pilots have been training SUAS skills for a long time and understand the right level of training and support required. DroneOps Ltd provide training from mission planning to data management, specialising in the reverse engineering of aerial 2D orthomosaic and highest quality of 3D modelling.
  • SUAS Technology awareness seminars and consultancy.
  • Comprehensive pilot training and ground school
  • Camera gimbal, sensor, data capture and software training.
  • Capabilities & Limitations for Commercial Drone Applications.
  • Fundamentals of Data Processing & Image Outputs.
  • Policy, compliance, regulations and exemptions
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