When it comes to the utility of SUAS, we integrate client payloads and supply remote management providing a system of systems.

Drone Integration

DroneOps Ltd is an integrator of multiple sensor payloads. Off the shelf sensors need to be modified, lightened, shielded and stabilised to work correctly for SUAS applications.
  • SUAS sensor design, manufacture and telemetry modification.
  • Bespoke 3D printed casings, fitments and protection.
  • Robustness and weather resistant solutions.
  • Simulated conditions testing.
  • Training, support, airworthiness and maintenance.
DroneOps Integration
DroneOps data capture

Data Capture

Adding capability to the SUAS and the ability to manage devices from the ground is imperative to successful data and intelligence management. Relaying live or processed data to the ground is now possible for distances up to 100km. Live processing and forensically clean data links contribute to situation management.
  • Encrypted transition of data.
  • On board data processing.
  • Sensor selection and manipulation from the ground.
  • Transmitter and receiver conflict management and connectivity.


With the improvements in technology and availability of new and more compact sensors the integration to a SUAS increases capability for industry, emergency services, defence and security. Sensors include: 6K Photogrammetry, Infrared (IR), Thermal, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality using 360-degree camera sets, chemical and radiological sensors, LIDAR, ultrasonic radar, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Paint thickness sensors, Steel sensors.
DroneOps Sensors
DroneOps  Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality

DroneOps Ltd advocates the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications incorporating aerial flight. DroneOps Ltd is a key stakeholder in the Labyrinth Future Cities VR project working with large volume metric 3D cityscapes. DroneOps Ltd has worked with Microsoft for the creation of an immersive virtual playing environment and understand the complexity of data collection to manage such high resolution models. DroneOps Ltd is partnered with the best 3D modelling companies in the UK and offers clients access to this process. DroneOps Ltd has access to the full range of VR devices, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Microsoft HoloLens Measurable 3D modelling incorporating backward engineered CAD ability Overlaid 3D models; Infrared (IR) Thermal, change, movement internal and external modelling.


Forensic evidence will decay, therefore timely capture of aerial evidence can offer a very different and usable perspective. By utilising an encrypted clean data link DroneOps Ltd can reduce human interaction and collate critical information for uses by the prosecution or defense, without the risk of questioning the integrity of evidence. Applications include aerial footage used to log crime scenes, recording forensic details using meta tagging and orthomosaic data as 3D models. SUAS have proved to be very helpful providing assistance to archaeological projects.
DroneOps forensic capability
DroneOps Ethics


At DroneOps, the ethical use of drones is important to our business partnerships and the successful implementation of the project. With the arrival of new disruptive technology also comes the possibility of compromising ethical principles. Prior to adding SUAS to your portfolio DroneOps Ltd will work with you to ensure the ethical integrity of your system. Let DroneOps Ltd plan your SUAS ethics policy.
  • Create ethics templates within all schemes of work.
  • Reduce human risk.
  • Diligently plan for worst case scenarios.

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