DroneOps offers experienced SUAS technologists and an agile approach to research & development.


DroneOps can be commissioned to work with any SUAS opportunity. DroneOps Ltd is working with chemical and radiological sensor manufacturers to get their devices to undertake realtime analysis, a structural surveyor to develop an SUAS for corrosion inspection, and a collision avoidance system for the use of small drones for a defence application. DroneOps Ltd personnel understand the importance of structured development leading to added value. Intellectual property arising from contractual research and development will be owned by the fee paying client. This also applies to all data collected for and on behalf of the client.
  • R&D, proof of concept and manufacture.
  • Product design and rapid prototyping using our in-house 3D printing facility.
  • Electronic, and control system design and integration.
  • Ability to complete tasks quickly
DroneOps r&d

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